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  "[From a post on ASP.NET Forums ]Another component I have been using is Advanced Intellect's aspNetEmail component...It's a very well put together email component that supports adding fields from a database to a templated email. Very useful when sending out hundreds or thousands of emails which you would like customized for each customer. "

Asynchronous Whois

The following example demonstrates how to perform a Whois query asynchronously.


using System;
using aspNetWhois;
namespace ConsoleApplication1
	class Class1
		static void Main(string[] args)
			Whois w = new Whois( "whois.networksolutions.com", "microsoft.com" );
			IAsyncResult result = w.BeginQuery( new AsyncCallback( MyCallBack ), w );

			Console.WriteLine( "done from main thread" );

		static void MyCallBack( IAsyncResult result )
			Whois w = (Whois)result.AsyncState;
			string lookup = w.EndQuery( result );
			Console.WriteLine( lookup );



Imports aspNetWhois
Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        Dim w As New Whois("whois.networksolutions.com", "microsoft.com")
        Dim result As IAsyncResult = w.BeginQuery(AddressOf MyCallBack, w)

        Console.WriteLine("done from main thread")

    End Sub

    Sub MyCallBack(ByVal result As IAsyncResult)
        Dim w As Whois = CType(result.AsyncState, Whois)
        Dim lookup As String = w.EndQuery(result)
    End Sub 'MyCallBack

End Module

The box is not shipped. aspNetWhois is a downloadable product.