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  "Great app, very easy to use and understand. I've used it for several different things. Sending HTML pages, standard emails, and others. Currently, the CRM application that we developed in ASP.NET sends .asf formatted call recordings dynamically from the system by attaching to an email. I am especially excited about direct writing into the MS SMTP directory as some of these files get quite large. "

Easily perform Whois Queries


aspNetWhois allows you to effortlessly and easily add Whois lookup functionity to your ASP.NET, Winforms, and webservices applications.

aspNetWhois allows you to perform domain name lookup queries, locate postal addresses, find email addresses, and telephone numbers.

aspNetWhois fully supports RFC954, and provides the capability to query using synchronous method calls, asynchronous method calls, and raises events for an event driven model.

More Information
aspNetWhois is physically located in the aspNetDns.dll and is combined with the additional following components

aspNetDns - a complete .DNS Lookup component.
aspNetWhois - a complete ICMP/Ping component.
aspNetWhois - a complete TraceRoute component
aspNetWhois - a complete Whois lookup component.

Additional Details

  • Supports any Microsoft .NET language (including, C#, VB.NET, J#, and Jscript.NET).
  • Written in native C# for speed and efficiency
  • RFC954 Compliant.
  • Provides super fast Static/Shared Query Methods.
  • Supports an event driven model.
  • Supports instance methods for lookups
  • Supports the standard IAsyncResult Asynchronous Programming model.

Try the online demo today to sample aspNetWhois.

For more information about these features, or to suggest any additional features, feel free to write us at support@advancedintellect.com


The box is not shipped. aspNetWhois is a downloadable product.